VistaPak - Who are we?

A leading industry participant for over 60 years


Having been in business for almost 60 years, we know the packaging industry well. A strong attestation to any company is the loyalty of its staff, Vista-Pak is exceedingly proud to boast a core staff of 7, generating a service record of well over 130 years of combined experiences, underpinned with one of our team members being able to celebrate her 50th Anniversary with VistaPak late in 2015, something we take great pride in being able to say.

What does this all mean for you though?

It means we have a significant depth of experience and longevity which flows to provide a solid platform of continuity for our clients, something that is becoming harder to find in our world today.

Setting aside our history, Vista-Pak is arguably New Zealand's largest fabricator of clear plastic packaging. Additionally we are a market leader in the design and production of thermoformed products including Heat Seal Blisters, Slide on Blisters & Clamshells.

What makes us different?

  • Small runs = No issue
  • End to end offerings
  • Contract Packing
  • We are a kiwi company with local manufacturing
  • The experience is hard to better

We pride ourselves on offering all of our clients competitive pricing with no hidden costs, you will know where you stand, with no surprises. Vista-Pak's commitment to innovation along with excellence in quality and service has seen the company grow, with our client’s products being displayed in the most visually appealing way possible. At Vista-Pak we believe that innovation is a vital ingredient in achieving customer satisfaction, and that design innovation sets us apart from our competitors. We stand by our products completely.

"Success through service and innovation’.

So what about the future? We are constantly looking for better ways of doing what we do, not to mention looking for new opportunities we can bring to you. We are working with our suppliers to investigate new materials such as recyclable PET and bio degradable PLA. Whilst these options hold valuable future potential our investigations continue.