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In a large number of daily business to business or business to consumer tranascations, packaging is an integral part of the presentation process.

Whilst the design & manufacture of plastic packaging is our core business we are regularly involved with broader supply chain management functions in order to ensure the swift delivery of your products to your markets.

We can arrange the pick up and delivery of your products, we can arrange and have produced promotional cards to be used in our clamshells or with our heat seal blisters, we can pack your products to specified parameters for delivery to your markets and we can ship your products directly to your client or 3PL.

Volume requirements can be an interesting component of any packaging proposition, part of our investigative process in the early stages of our discussions, may lend themselves well to be speaking about overseas source points for your products

Whilst you may thinking you could do it yourself, which is very true, we have a long established network of partnerships overseas to assist where volumes make it logical to look further afield for production options. We will still project manage this for you, de-risking the proposition.

Having back-up plans and fail safes are vital for any business today, if an offshore production proposition makes the most sense for your products, there is an automatic back up plan in place by virtue of Vista-Pak potentially being able to fill gaps in production locally.

Possibly local manufacture & supply is not an option, over the years we have relaised product sourcing offshore is a preference for some of our clients, whether this is for financial motivations or more practical reasons.

As a result and in combination with VistaPaks sister company Image Label Systems, we have direct prescence in a number of overseas locations including China to undertake your global packaging sourcing requirements.

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Supply Chain Management

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