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What is Thermoforming?

All thermoforming processes start by heating of a thermoplastic material (PVC, PET etc) to a point that it is soft enough to be reshaped. A vacuum is usually employed to pull or stretch the softened material into a female or onto a male mould that defines the shape. The formed product is then allowed to cool enough for the plastic to regain enough of its original strength to retain its new shape.

What do we Manufacture?

Products manufactured by Vistapak include Heat Sealed Blister, Slide on Blister, Clam Shells, Insert Tray etc.

For successful packaging to work the following elements must be adhere to: (1) the design of the packaging; (2) the selection of the ideal material; (3) the design and construction of the tooling; and (4) the forming and finishing of the end product.

  • Forming Video

    To view a short 7 second video that shows the the process of forming,
    click here 

    (Windows Media Format WMV).

    At Vistapak we will discuss your packaging needs and recommend a suitable design which best enhances your product. 
  • Once the design has been agreed upon a material needs to be selected. Most forming work produced at Vistapak uses PVC, however we can also manufacture in PET and Polystyrene. Speciality colours are also available upon request.
  • Tooling moulds can be manufactured from Resin or Aluminium. All moulds are manufactured to exact dimensions to ensure a quality finish. 
  • The product is then manufactured on one of our vacuum formers, trimmed to size and packed ready for delivery.



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